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21 November, 2020

Postgres transactions with jasync-sql on Ktor

Over the past few weeks I've been working on non-blocking database connectivity for my Kotlin web stack. I'm using Ktor as a web framework and Postgres for my database. I'm using jasync-sql as a lightweight, non-blocking driver and so far it's worked great. I've finished the logic for the (very minimal) ORM, and the…

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30 June, 2020

Static IPs using a Raspberry Pi and AWS

In need of a static IP? Maybe you want to run a VPN at home, maybe you want to be able to access your NAS when you're away or maybe it's one of those things that you don't really need but kinda want for reasons. If you can't afford an enterprise ISP at home (who typically provide a static IP as part of the deal) the…

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30 April, 2020

Caching in Ktor with a JVM detour

Over the past few months I've been spending some time working with the Ktor web framework for some personal projects and I'm at the point now where it's replaced Spring as my goto Kotlin web framework. If you haven't worked with Ktor, it's a Kotlin-native, non-blocking web framework that makes extensive use of Kotlin…

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26 July, 2019

Amplifier First Aid

It's been a little while but I decided to write this one up in the hope that it'll be useful to someone who might otherwise decide to get rid of a perfectly good piece of kit. N.B. I am no electronics expert so if you're planning on doing something like this, make sure you consult someone who actually knows what they…

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01 July, 2018

The wrap up

A sticky heat has descended on London and as I sit here attempting to write job applications, what better way to spend my time than writing something else about cycling. I've been home just over a week since my journey to the US and I miss it already - The smooth, silent roads, the feeling of adventure and the…

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20 June, 2018

Big Sur

N.B. My Strava for this ride can be found here! Over a tour of a few thousand kilometers, it's easy to lose track of a hundred or so as part of the accounting process. An afternoon spent on the beach or in the brewhouse is paid for on credit in the form of a hypothetical "double day" or "hundred miler" to be performed…

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15 June, 2018

North California

Outside the cover of the headland, frantic whitecaps zip across Trinidad Bay. On the beach meanwhile, the wind is reduced to a cooling breeze as pelicans dry their wings on the rocks and tourists kayak between rafts of seaweed. As I sit to ruminate on lunch (vegetarian frittatas washed down with cups of organic coffee…

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15 June, 2018


The woods at Cape Lookout State Park come right up to the edge of the sea. In the right spot you can sip a cup of tea and feel the little flecks of spray on your face as the waves thunder up the rocks. Nestled in the carpet of ferns that cover the ground are the primitive campsites and it was there that my detour to…

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24 May, 2018


Sitting on the grass at the Ecola State Park viewpoint, the last few days blur in to one. The steep, winding road up to the park entrance has done my legs no favours but as I look out over the sands and surf of Cannon Beach on the left and towards the Tillamook Lighthouse on the right, it all becomes worth it. After a…

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20 May, 2018

The Depart

A day late but close enough: As per my usual approach to travel, I'm sat in Heathrow Terminal 3 flicking through the pages of Spring and Kirkendall's "Bicycling the Pacific Coast, 4th Edition", forced finally to do some planning and to turn my attention to the issue of where I'm going to be sleeping for the next…

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18 April, 2018

The start of summer ft. Wordpress on Docker

The first day of warm spring weather in London is always one of mixed emotions for me. I'm something of a fair weather sportsman and cruising over Waterloo Bridge in shorts and a t-shirt is a welcome change from the damp leggings and luminous hi-vis that is winter riding in the UK. On the other hand, the dam finally…

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15 April, 2018

The Cobble Monster 2018

I'm a week late with this post as work has been a bit crazy but here's a quick writeup of the 2018 Cobble Monster. CW: You'll have to use your imagination as I was too busy trying to get to the pub to take many photos of the ride. My day started at around 0700 with an exciting mix of tap water, shaken thoroughly with…

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04 April, 2018

The New Ride

Since finishing my masters programme 8 months ago, it's been a rollercoaster ride. In September 2017 I stood a newly belettered man (BA MSc.), footloose, free and filled with dreams of new careers, eager to return to civilisation from my monastic experience as a Masters student. As it turns out, since the end of my…

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