01 July, 2018

The wrap up

A sticky heat has descended on London and as I sit here attempting to write job applications, what better way to spend my time than writing something else about cycling. I've been home just over a week since my journey to the US and I miss it already - The smooth, silent roads, the feeling of adventure and the…

20 June, 2018

Big Sur

N.B. My Strava for this ride can be found here! Over a tour of a few thousand kilometers, it's easy to lose track of a hundred or so as part of the accounting process. An afternoon spent on the beach or in the brewhouse is paid for on credit in the form of a hypothetical "double day" or "hundred miler" to be performed…

15 June, 2018

North California

Outside the cover of the headland, frantic whitecaps zip across Trinidad Bay. On the beach meanwhile, the wind is reduced to a cooling breeze as pelicans dry their wings on the rocks and tourists kayak between rafts of seaweed. As I sit to ruminate on lunch (vegetarian frittatas washed down with cups of organic coffee…

15 June, 2018


The woods at Cape Lookout State Park come right up to the edge of the sea. In the right spot you can sip a cup of tea and feel the little flecks of spray on your face as the waves thunder up the rocks. Nestled in the carpet of ferns that cover the ground are the primitive campsites and it was there that my detour to…

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